Inverter 12V 250W Victron Energy Phoenix 12/250 VE.Direct Schuko

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    Product description

    Phoenix Inverters are part of a range of high-quality services that rely on superior photovoltaic solar technology - SinusMAX, with the unique feature of starting at full load.

    Superior technology - SinusMAX

    Designed for professional services, Phoenix photovoltaic panels inverter range fits a wide range of applications. Design criteria focus on creating a sinusoidal output inverter with optimal efficiency but without compromising on performance.

    Using HF hybrid technology, a high-quality product with compact size, low weight, high reliability and capability to deliver energy for any type of load has been created. A unique feature of SinusMax technology is full load startup.

    Inverters for Pheonix photovoltaic panels are suitable for a wide range of applications, and are recommended for the supply of demanding loads. For a set of photovoltaic panels, you can opt for one of the stand alone photovoltaic kits - independent photovoltaic systems.

    VE communication port. Direct - VE communication port. Direct can be connected to a computer, Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, Macbooks or other devices.

    Reliable reliability - The typology of the toroidal transformer has proven its reliability over many years. Pheonix Inverters offer short circuit protection, overheating, overload or high ambient temperature.

    Start at full load - A unique feature of Pheonix inverters is to start at full load. Conventional high-frequency technology does not offer such high performance. However, Phoenix photovoltaic panel inverters are very well suited to powering demanding tasks such as computers, LEDs or halogen lamps, or low power tools.

    ECO mode - When in Eco mode, the inverter will go off when the load falls below a preset value. Once it enters standby, the inverter will start for a short period of time (adjustable time, 2.5 second factory setting). If the load exceeds a predetermined level, the inverter will remain on.

    On / Off remote - An open / close switch can be connected to a two-pole connector. The remote control connector is available for all models.

    Transferring the load to another CA source: Automatic transfer switch - For our low power models, we recommend using the Filax automatic transfer switch. The Filax device is characterized by a very short transfer time (less than 20 milliseconds), so computers or other electronic equipment will continue to operate without interruption.


    The VE.Direct port can be connected to:

    • A computer (VE.Direct to USB cable required)

    • Apple smartphones, Android, tablets, MacBooks and other devices

    (Dual Bluetooth VE.Direct Bluetooth required)

    Fully configurable:

    • Triggered low battery voltage alarms and reset levels

    • The level of battery voltage cut-off and battery restart

    • Dynamic disconnect: the level of interruption dependent on the load

    • Output voltage 210 - 245V

    • Frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz

    • ECO mode on / off and ECO sensitivity level

    • Monitoring;

    • Input and output voltage, charging and alarms

    Please refer to the technical book for full details!

    AC Output 1 x 230V
    Battery voltage 12V
    Connection VE.Direct
    Depth 260
    Feeding 12V
    Height 86
    Invertor Power 0-1.500W
    Monitoring YES
    Protections Power , Short-circuit, Temperature, Voltage
    System type 12V
    Voltage Input 12V
    Width 165

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